Current Prices & Identifying Subaru Cats – 5/7/20

Posted: May 7, 2020

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Catalytic Converter Market News

The markets for platinum, palladium & rhodium have been in flux again these past 2 weeks, but the changes have been not as large and are starting to steady and flatten out. This has been keeping prices steady without major swings.

These swings will directly affect all catalytic converter prices.

Stay Updated on Current Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices

The team at believes updated and current catalytic converter prices are important to share with our customers. Keeping them informed on where the market is, what you can expect to be paid for your scrap cat, and how other things are affecting the market is helpful. We know making a decision to sell your cat and ship it to us from across the country is hard. So being able to keep you updated on where the prices are can help out a bit.

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4 Most Common Catalytic Converters Scrap Prices as of 5/01 – 5/08:

  •  Torpedo Cat: Previously: $303 – Now $298

  •  Large Breadloaf: Previously: $135 – Now $127

  •  Small GM: Previously: $88 – Now $83

  •  Hyundai-BSH62: Previously: $127 – Now $122

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Tip of the Week: Identifying Subaru Catalytic Converters

How to properly identify Subaru catalytic converters

To identify your Subaru catalytic converters, most have 2 units on the downpipe. The first down the pipe is the pre-cat, the second which is in the shape of a bean is the main cat.

Often they have the Subaru name stamped on them, as well as a serial number(FCFH4 3712 SK) on the shield. Below are some examples you can also click on the link to watch our video.


You can see more here:

We Are Receiving Packages…

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We May Have Slight Delays…

Thank you for your patience, We will continue to receive and process your packages in 2-3 business days, but because our shipping partners are overwhelmed with “essential” deliveries, there can be a slight delay.