Prices Hit Highs…Again – August 2020 Cat Prices

Posted: August 6, 2020

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This months Cat Chat we have the following updates for you:

  • Market News – Precious Metals Market News 
  • Prices – Prices on the most asked about Catalytic Converters
  • Tips – Learn about partially-empty cats.
  • Also This Week – Learn how to identify Volvo cats and Chevy Flow Cats. is here to service all your Catalytic Converter needs!

Catalytic Converter Prices & Market News

Prices of Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd) & Rhodium (Rh) have been steady over the last 30 days, getting a boost in the last week as Rhodium has jumped above $10,000/oz.

What does this mean for Catalytic Converters?

The good news is prices have gone up, but more importantly, have stayed steady since the COVID downturn. Making buying and selling consistently more easily. The Team at are constantly tracking the market daily and our prices always reflect any changes in the market. So you can be assured you’re getting the best price for your catalytic converters.

Below, is the graph showing from Mid July through August 13, 2020



4 Most Common Catalytic Converters Scrap Prices as of 7/10 – 8/13:

  • Torpedo Cat: Previously: $407 – Now $426
  • Large Breadloaf: Previously: $174 – Now $201
  • Small GM: Previously: $97 – Now $115
  • Hyundai-BSH62: Previously: $178 – Now $219

Review of the Week (8/13/20):

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Tip of the Week: How Buys Partially Empty Cats

Sometimes we receive cats in the mail that are not full (honeycomb) inside, therefore we have to downgrade the pricing for that cat. We have a process in which we use to check the inside of a cat when it’s sent to us. Check out the video of Tom Explaining how this is done. To avoid these problems, we always ask that you send us pictures of both sides of the cats so we can see inside when quoting you.

The buying team at is waiting to help you make $$ on your Catalytic Converters.

Send your photos to receive a quote today!


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