Rhodium Drops 48%, Affects Cat Prices – 4/8/20

Posted: April 8, 2020

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Catalytic Converter Market News

The markets for platinum, palladium & rhodium had looked to be steadying this past week, but rhodium had a 48% decrease in pricing which has severely hurt the market. These swings will directly affect all catalytic converter prices.

Keeping You Informed on Cat Prices

We are constantly checking and updating the current prices for catalytic converters, so we can continue to quote yours at a fair price. Our team is always working to get you the best price for your scrap catalytic converters and we think it’s important to show you where the prices are coming from and how the market affects them.

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4 Most Common Catalytic Converters Scrap Prices as of 04/01 – 04/07:

Toyota GD3 Cat: Previously: $453 – Now $386

Toyota EA6 Cat: Previously: $308 – Now $285

Large GM Cat: Previously: $144 – Now $120

Large Breadloaf Cat: Previously: $213 – Now $192


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Tip of the Week:

How do I find the serial # on my Catalytic Converter?

Most catalytic converters have a reference or serial number carved or printed on it. This reference number enables us to identify your converter more accurately. If you can’t find a serial number when sending pictures, don’t worry, we can identify them without one.

Watch this video to find helpful ways to find the serial number on your catalytic converter.

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