Scrap BMW Catalytic Converters in Morris County, NJ

Posted: May 26, 2022

Scrap BMW Cats in Morris County, NJ

Since day one, Rockaway Recycling has always been focused on our customers. Servicing the Northern NJ and Tri-State area since 1977, we always look for new ways to help our customers get what they need to do, done. Changes in the market and economy have led us to adapt to new ways to help. From charities to accepting new materials we stay open-minded. Looking through our website you can find all kinds of information about pick-up services, scrap metal prices, charities we donate to, and more.

Scrap Your BMW Catalytic Converter

RRCats can provide you with an accurate scrap price for your BMW Catalytic Converter. Send us a few photos of the serial numbers on the side of it along with the overall view and we can send you back an accurate quote:


Bayerische Motoren Werke or otherwise known as BMW is a motorcycle and vehicle manufacturing company based in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, created in 1916. BMW is also the owner of the high-end vehicles, Rolls-Royce. In the 1970s BMW began to create more production facilities and also entered F-1 racing and won the 1983 Formula One World Championship with a turbo engine created and mass-produced by themselves. Joining forces with Rolls Royce in the ’90s, BMW continued their research with vehicles, aircraft, and gas turbines. In 2004, BMW celebrated its 75th anniversary. Today they are producing vehicles such as:

  • BMW 1-7 Series
  • BMW X Series
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  • Wraith

Scrap Price for BMW Cat

If your BMW catalytic converter is no longer working, scrap it with Rockaway Recycling. Give us a call to schedule your scrap car pickup or to get prices for your scrap materials. If you are repairing your BMW scrap your old parts so they can be recycled properly. You can find prices for most catalytic converters on our website, but make sure to request a new quote for an exact price for what we would pay for your BMW cat. When you see the profit you can make from unused parts or cars you won’t be able to scrap enough.