Scrap Catalytic Converters: What To Do & What Not To Do

Posted: May 26, 2022

When scraping catalytic converters, there are a few things you always want to make sure you are doing to prepare to sell them. There are also a lot of confusion about doing other things to prep them when scrapping them that may hurt your pricing. Below we go over the basics of what you should and shouldn’t do when scrapping your cats.

The RRCats team wants to make it easy when you are ready to get a quote and sell your cat. Below we want to discuss the dos and don’ts of what to do with your catalytic converters when you are looking to sell.

What NOT To Do:

When Scrapping Catalytic Converters

Below are the guidelines of what we DON’T want you to do to get your accurate price quote from us:

  • Picture of Just Shell of Cat: Only send a picture of the shell of the cat or half of the shell – You don’t want to do this because the person trying to grade the catalytic converter and give you a price may miss important things that are on your shell that identifies the catalytic converter as an OEM, as well as the size which helps in determining the price.
  • Take Out Honeycomb from Cat: Remove the honeycomb from the shell of the catalytic converter – Please do not do this because now we will not know what it came out of and cannot determine the value of the material. This will get you a basic price for the material versus what it could be really worth. This also makes a contentious point between you and the buyer as both parties probably want smooth deals.
  • Send Pictures of Pile of Cats: Just send a picture of a stack of catalytic converters piled up – this causing two issues: One or more catalytic converters can be missed and also you will not be able to see all of the characteristics needed to be able to give you an accurate price.

Always remember you want to try and give as much information as possible so you can get the most from your catalytic converters.

What To Do:

When Scrapping Catalytic Converters

What To Look For To Get Price Quote for Scrap Cat

  • Send Picture of Entire Cat: Send a picture of the entire Catalytic Converter, not just part of it. Then the team at can see the shape and size. We recommend a picture from directly above so you can see the whole thing.
  • Shine the Light: Plenty of light. Many pictures that are sent to the team at come in very dark and those pictures make it hard to quote accurately. Even have a flashlight shining on the catalytic converter will help.
  • Numbers? We Want Them: Send any pictures of serial numbers – if you don’t know which ones send them all. this includes on the shield – if you remove the shield make sure you put it back on. all of these things help identify the Cat you have and its value. Oftentimes we get the serial numbers typed to us and if one digit is missing it makes it hard to guess which one it was. Sometimes one digit is also inputted wrong and this could lead to a misquote and potential problem.
  • Cut The Pipes: Remove and cut the cat off the pipes and look on both sides so you can see the honeycomb and if any material is missing. This way you are able to show the team at that it is full and then you will be able to get an accurate and quick quote.

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