Scrap A Chrysler in New Jersey

Posted: May 26, 2022

Scrap A Chrysler in New Jersey

Our family owned business, Rockaway Recycling has been in the scrap metal business for years for the Northern NJ and Tri-State area. Over the years we have adapted to the market and accept more materials than we used to including vehicles. Throughout our website you can find information about scrap metal and materials that we put up to help you earn more money from your materials.

Driving is a daily part of life but when your vehicle no longer serves you and you need to get a new one, a good idea to get cash for a car would be to scrap it. When you scrap a car you will be able to get extra cash to put toward a new car or toward other things you need it for. Rockaway Recycling accepts whole cars as well as car parts such as:

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When you are working on a repair for your Chrysler, you can bring your old Chrysler car parts to us and we will scrap them and in exchange you will be paid accordingly. Chrysler parts can be worth a good amount of money based on the materials you have. Rockaway Recycling is able to pick up your scrap vehicle if it is not able to be driven to our yard.

Scrap A ChryslerStarting by working for Buick, Walter Chrysler branched off to take over Maxwell Motor. The Chrysler six was the first all-new car that featured hydraulic brakes and a light but powerful six-cylinder engine. To compete with its competitors, Chrysler Motor Company purchased American Motors Corporation, bring the Jeep brand into their territory. In the 1950’s Chrysler was known for their muscle cars, 300 series and Dodge charger.  Throughout time they have had their downfalls where they needed government assistance but in the early 1990’s they came back with the Dodge Viper and the Jeep lineup. Recently, Chrysler has joined with General Motors and Fiat. They are still producing vehicles such as the Chrysler 200, Chrysler 300, Chrysler Town & Country and the Chrysler 200 convertible.

At Rockaway Recycling we will properly scrap a Chrysler in New Jersey for you. Give us a call to schedule a pickup for your Chrysler vehicle that is no longer working for you. Bring in old Chrysler scrap parts and trade them in for some extra money. Whether you are repairing a Chrysler or you want to scrap a Chrysler we can help. Find prices for all of your scrap materials on our website or you can send us an email or give us a call for any questions.