Scrap a Dodge in Rockaway, NJ

Posted: May 26, 2022

Scrap A Dodge in Rockaway, NJ

If you are looking to scrap a Dodge in Rockaway, NJ check out Rockaway Recycling. We list our prices on our website for our customers to see what they are capable of receiving for their scrap metal. If you are in a city like Jefferson, Hopatcong, Roxbury, Randolph, Denville, Montville, Morristown or Whippany check out our yard when you are looking to get rid of your scrap metal. Our scrap yard strives to help our customers as much as we can. If you have any questions about scrap materials, car parts, or scrap vehicles send us an email or give us a call: 973.625.9560. We also give a lot of information and scrapping tips on our Facebook page, YouTube videos, and Twitter as well as our website.

Every day you hear people talk throughout the day a big topic that comes up often is vehicles. Driving is a part of life and you need a reliable vehicle to get you from point A to point B. If your Dodge is no longer worth fixing you may want to consider scrapping it for extra money you could use toward a new vehicle.  If you are replacing parts on a Dodge and you need to get rid of the old ones we will also pay you for those. Examples of parts we take are:

(Last Modified: January 1st, 1970, 12:00 am)
Metal/MaterialCurrent Price

You can find information about the parts we take and the prices we pay for them on our website. Scrapping vehicles like Acura, Honda, Chevrolet and Dodge will be worth it when you see the amount of money you can make.

Scrap dodge

Technically founded in 1900, Dodge wasn’t a car manufacturer until 1915. Horace and John Dodge started out building parts, mainly for Ford, a company which they also invested a large amount of money into. Later on in 1915 the men decided they wanted to begin their own business. Through financial issues Dodge was eventually sold to Chrysler who still owns the company today. Dodge is mainly known for the Dodge Ram, Challenger, Caravan, Viper, Charger and more recently the Dodge Dart.

If you are looking to scrap a Dodge in Rockaway, NJ, be sure to bring it to Rockaway Recycling to get the best pricing.  We will properly scrap your Dodge so that you won’t have to worry about it. Whether you are scrapping an old Dodge or you want to recycle old parts that you don’t need we will take them and give you the money you need. Give us a call to schedule a scrap car pickup or bring your car to our yard to be weighed. Contact us: 973.625.9560 or