Scrapping A Pontiac in Morris County

Posted: May 26, 2022

Scrap Pontiacs

Servicing the Northern NJ and Tri-State area since 1977, Rockaway Recycling always look for new ways to help our customers get what they need to do, done. Changes in the market and economy have led us to adapt to new ways to help you. From charities to accepting new materials we stay open-minded. Looking through our website you can find all kind of information about pick-up services, scrap metal prices, charities we donate to and more.

When you think of everyday activities most of them involve a vehicle to get from point A to point B. When you run into a problem with your vehicle and it will no longer work for you and is not fixable, what do you do with it? We suggest scrapping it. Scrapping a Pontiac in Morris County with Rockaway Recycling is very quick and easy. You can either drop your vehicle off at our location if it is drivable or you can give us a call or send us an email to schedule a pickup for your car. Have your vehicle weighed and redeem your cash and you are good to go. Our yard also accepts other car parts like:

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When you are repairing a vehicle you can scrap old Pontiac parts at our location. In exchange, we will pay you cash. When you can no longer fix a Pontiac it is time to scrap it. To get the most money back from your scrap Pontiac, check out our Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and our website. We give as much information as we can so that you can earn the most money from your scrap Pontiac, Chevrolet, Dodge and other makes.


Established in 1893 in Pontiac, Michigan and making it through to 2010, the Pontiac name lived strong. A Pontiac with the distinct “silver streak” made its appearance in a few episode of “I Love Lucy” in 1955. Pontiac also produced the first muscle car, the Pontiac GTO in 1964. Later in the 60’s continuing with the sports car/muscle car theme they revealed the Pontiac Firebird and Pontiac Trans Am. Later on in the 90’s and 00’s Pontiac worked on adding SUV’s and minivans to their productions, but it didn’t go over well. The Pontiac Vibe and Pontiac Aztec failed along with the newly remodeled Grand Am, now called the G6 and other new models including the Pontiac G8, G5, G3, Solstice and Torrent.

If you have a Pontiac that you can no longer use or is not worth fixing, we will scrap it for you. Be sure to have the car’s title and a valid ID. Without a title we cannot take a car for scrap. We will pick up your scrap Pontiac. If you have any questions about scrap materials, car parts, or scrap vehicles send us an email or give us a call: 973.625.9560. You can also find scrap metal prices on our website.