New Requirements – As of 5/15/23

Rockaway Recycling DBA recently changed the process of how we receive price quote requests due to an updated law in the state of New Jersey, where we operate. The law states the following when selling catalytic converters for scrap recycling:

  • Scrap metal businesses must have a copy of the VIN of the vehicle the catalytic converter was removed from.
  • Scrap metal businesses must have a copy of verification of ownership of the vehicle, which can be one of the following the certificate of title or registration, a receipt from a repair transaction, or a bill of sale at the time of purchase.

Due to these changes, our process of recording this information is slightly changed when pricing your converters. Our team continues to work to ensure the most simple solution when requesting a price quote for your converter.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to continuing to earn your business.

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