Identifying Scrap Catalytic Converters

Where To Find Serial Numbers

Our team is here to help you continue to learn the most about catalytic converters and scrapping them. In this installment, we look at multiple manufacturers’ catalytic converters and what characteristics to look for to identify if they are OEM (what’s that?).


First: Look for that Serial Number!

The video below will be useful when looking for the serial number on your cat. Which will help identify what kind and how much the converter is worth. Do not forget that not all serial numbers are in the same place nor do they look the same.

Not All Serial Numbers Are The Same

Some have letters, numbers, and some have both in different orders. It is important to know that any set of numbers that you find should be sent to the team so we can get your catalytic converter quoted quickly. 


Finding Serial Number on Your Catalytic Converter:

Below is a list of the most popular and common catalytic converters that are sold for scrap. We have collected some of the common brands and vehicles that have OEM cats, and we have recycled before. We will keep this guide updated with the latest information on catalytic converters. We help you with how to identify them before you send them in for a quote.

Identifying Audi & Volkswagon Catalytic Converters

  • Many Audi cats are actually classified as foil cats. 
  • Audi and VW are sister companies and oftentimes their cats will have both the VW and Audi logo on them. 
  • When looking for the serial code you will look for an Alpha/numeric combination.
    • Sample Serial Number: 1 K0 13170 1 DS 
    • Sample Serial Number: 5Q0 131 701 N
    • Sample Serial Number: 1K0131701bs

Learn More About Audi & Volkswagon Cats in this video:

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Identifying General Motors & Chevrolet Catalytic Converters

  • Many GMs have two cats, a pre-cat and a regular or full-sized cat.
  • Generally, serial numbers for GM/Chevy Cats will start with the following sequences.
    • 126 _ _ _ _ _
    • 127 _ _ _ _ _
    • 251 _ _ _ _ _
    • 253 _ _ _ _ _ 

Learn More About Chevy Silverado Cats in this video:

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Identifying Chrysler & Dodge Catalytic Converters

  • Some have a triangle pattern as opposed to the regular checkered pattern.
  • Serial numbers could often be stamped on the edging of the cat, not on the cat itself.
  • Did you know Dodge and Chrysler are the same company? – Often times the cats will be priced in the same classification.

Learn More About Chrysler Cats in this video:

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Identifying Ford Catalytic Converters

  • Ford catalytic converters have multiple codes on them.
    • Example: 5e212 looks like a code, but is generally a very generic number for them. After the 5E212 there will be other sets of numbers and they do not always get entered in the order that they appear.
  • Sometimes the Ford serial numbers are hidden behind shields and the shield would need to be cut to get the whole serial number.
  • The Ford Torpedo Cats have inside them what we call Biscuits the more biscuits this is the honeycomb material the more they could be worth. You will hear these referred to as 2, 3, 4, etc biscuit Catalytic Converters

Ford Serial Serial Numbers are set up differently. We are looking for a particular order when quoting. 

Order usually is:

#1    |    #2    |    #3

4-Digit – 5-Digit – 2-Digit

Example: XF1C – 5F250 –  HB

When sending your serial numbers put them in this order. #2, #1, and #3

Send it to us like this: 5E212 – F4TA – AD

Learn More About Ford Torpedo Cats in this video:

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Identifying BMW Catalytic Converters

  • Generally, the serial number for BMW Catalytic Converters will be with numbers 701 _ _ _ _ _
  • BMW Diesel cats are very expensive and have a different shape to them than other regular gas cats. More of a rectangle.
  • Smaller CATs are generally foil/pre CATs.
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Identifying Honda Catalytic Converters


  • On Honda Catalytic Converters there is an obvious hole where the 02 sensor was. Where the wings come off can be identified.   
  • O2 Slant vs. O2 Straight Cats.
  • Cats without O2 sensors are going to be less expensive.

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Identifying Hyundai & Kia Catalytic Converters

  • On Hyundai or Kia catalytic converters, generally, there are 5-6 digits containing numbers and letters
  • Serial numbers are normally on the silver shield, so it’s best not to remove this.
    • When customers take the shield off and the number is not stamped on the cat we can only go off of photo grading.
    • Serial Number Example: BSC9 

Learn More About Hyundai & Kia Cats in this video:

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Identifying Infiniti & Nissan Catalytic Converters

  • When identifying Nissan or Infiniti catalytic converters, be sure to look for a serial number
  • Many of these are two to four cat systems, which means there are more in the systems.
  • There are some cats that have two cats that are actually put together.

Learn More About Infiniti & Nissan Cats in this video:

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Identifying Mazda Catalytic Converters

  • When you have a Mazda catalytic converter to scrap, there are unique serial numbers.
  • Normally will be graded as foreign pre, small foreign, or medium foreign on average. 

Learn More About Mazda Cats in this video:

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Identifying Mercedes Benz Catalytic Converters

  • Mercedes Benz catalytic converters will have an 8 to 10 digit serial number on them.
  • Could be a brighter color and will almost always have the logo on there.
  • 2-3 sets of numbers/codes
    • Serial Number Example: A211 (generic ID #)
    • Serial Number Example: KT0121

Learn More About Mercedes Benz Cats in this video:

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Identifying Mitsubishi Catalytic Converters

  • When scrapping Mitsubishi catalytic converters, look for small digit codes next to the Mitsubishi logo sometimes
  • You will see the Mitsubishi logo usually on the center of the shield on the catalytic converter – this lets you know your cat is OEM.
  • The serial numbers for Mitsubishi are usually short 2 characters long and can have a mix of Letters and Numbers or Just letters.
    • Serial Number Examples: Z3, X2, ZS
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Identifying Porsche Catalytic Converters

  • Porsche Catalytic Converters are usually foil cats, which means their value is based on the weight of the catalytic converter.
  • Their serial numbers are usually right near the Porsche logo on the catalytic converter and start with 9-
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Identifying Subaru Catalytic Converters

  • When scrapping Subaru catalytic converters, generally they have two cats, one is smaller and one looks like a bean.
  • There are numbers that are going to be stamped on a corner
  • On a corner of a Subaru’s converters
    • Serial Number Sequence Example: FCFH1 or RCF_ _ 

Learn More About Subaru Cats & Pre-Cats in this video:

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Identifying Toyota Catalytic Converters

  • When scrapping Toyota catalytic converters, the common serial numbers are 3 digits long with mixed numbers/letters.
    • Serial Number Examples: GD3, EA5, EA6, X16, X18
  • Some serial numbers will have an “L” or “R” on them. It’s a big difference in pricing.
    • Serial Number Sample: L21707
    • Serial Number Sample: R21707

Learn More About Toyota Cats in this video:

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