What RRCats Does To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Posted: January 3, 2023

With the thefts of catalytic converters in the news for many years, it is worth paying close attention to here at RRCats. Our team wanted to update our customers and potential customers about our process for quoting and buying catalytic converters, as well as go over some of the things we do and do not do for customers and law enforcement. There are many points during the quoting and buying process of catalytic converters that we wanted to be able to go over, and our goal is to answer your questions about the process.

We Don’t Quote Over The Phone

Sometimes you are tired of talking to robots on the phone while yelling, “Representative!” We get it- we have been there too, and we do not want that you be your experience. At RRCats.com, we will answer some questions on the phone, but we do not quote over the phone. The one thing we do not want to do is have the background noise muffle the sound or pricing of the quote leaving open questions. By quoting the catalytic converters through our online quoting system, it allows both the customer and RRCats.com to be more confident in the numbers that are being quoted. The online or text message quotes also contain important information on how to ship your cats and how to get paid.

We Don’t Quote Without Pictures

“Our goal is to do our part to help prevent problems.”

Many people will ask for serial numbers to be quoted via our online form, which is not something we always like to do. With the number of thefts going on with the catalytic converters, our goal is to do our part to help prevent problems. We want to be able to monitor the quotes and protect our team and all of the regulars that ask us for quotes. With the pictures of the cats (not just generic ones that can be found online), we can ensure that we are protecting ourselves.

Plus, your provided pictures allow us to quote over 95% of the catalytic converters in the first shot, which will help you get the process moving quickly.

We Don’t Quote the “Highest Valued Cat”

Often people will call and ask for lists of the highest-paying catalytic converters; we do not provide this information, as we feel that it is a tool thieves can use to target vehicles. Our goal is to quote our customers based on the cats that they have and not ones that may be worth a lot of money. We can provide fair numbers by quoting based on the pictures of the actual catalytic converters that customers are holding.

We Verify Driver’s Licenses for EVERY Customer

As required by law, our company follows all of the legal rules and laws that our state has us following. If you receive your catalytic converter without a copy of a US State or Canadian state-issued ID, we will not be able to buy it. Our receiving department is located in New Jersey, and we follow every standard law that the state puts out. If you have questions about the laws or why we take your ID, please let us know so we can explain it more.

We Work With Authorities

Many times authorities have contacted us inquiring about thefts, and with our extensive paperwork and tracking, we can provide all the information for them. When any local, state, or federal law enforcement employee contacts us, we always look to help them catch catalytic converter thieves. With so many good scrappers selling catalytic converters, our team is unwilling to compromise this for any amount, quality, or monetary gain by going outside the law’s scope. If you have questions about this process, please email us at info@rrcats.com today.