How Much Can You Sell Your Catalytic Converter For?

Posted: January 3, 2023

If you are looking to sell your catalytic converter off your vehicle, you may know based on the repair costs, that a new one is worth a lot of money. So when you are repairing your old converter you can take the old part and sell it for scrap value and get back some extra money that you had to spend to fix it.

*Please Note: As the vehicle owner, you have the right to ask your mechanic for your old part like your catalytic converter.

How Much Is My Catalytic Converter Worth?

Catalytic converters have precious metals inside like, platinum, rhodium, and palladium; they are there to help with reducing toxic fumes in the air when your exhaust from your engine is leaving your vehicle. In the scrap world, those precious metals are worth money when the converters are refined and recycled.

What Happens When They Are Recycled?

Every converter has a different amount of precious metals inside, based on make, model, and the use of the converter. When recycling them, each converter is cut open and the inside called the “honeycomb” is removed and ground up. The “dust” is then refined to recover the various precious metals. Most units have fractions of these precious metals inside, but they add up when there are more being recycled together.

The pricing of catalytic converters is based on the type of unit, which can be determined with pictures and serial numbers associated with them. Our team at RRCats is very accurate and fair with all of our pricing – you can get a quote here.

Prices Are Constantly Changing

Catalytic Converters Can Be Worth $20 – $800+

Just like other scrap prices, prices for catalytic converters are constantly changing based on the commodities market. Lucky for you, the RRCats Team is constantly updating our quote prices and price list on our website to give you a good idea of what your converter is worth.

The RRCats Price List is updated daily on our website and can give you a general idea of what your catalytic converter is worth. While these are average prices and standard units, it doesn’t mean your catalytic converter will fall into the category you think. The best thing to do is send our team pictures and/or serial numbers of your converters for an accurate quote.




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