5 Tips To Find The Best Catalytic Converter Buyer

Posted: January 3, 2023

Whether you are a scrap core buyer or replacing a catalytic converter on your vehicle, there is money in selling your used catalytic converter for scrap value. There are precious metals inside them, specifically Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, which are valuable in scrap. Those materials inside can equal anything from $50 or even over $800 per unit, so it’s important to know how to find the best buyer. Below we have some helpful tips for finding the best buyer for your catalytic converter.

Is The Company Real?

In the online world, it’s straightforward to “find the best buyer” for catalytic converters, but it’s essential to qualify the company you are looking to work with. There are few things to ask when looking at a brand:

  • Where are they located? – Find out where you will be shipping (if applicable) the cats, i.e., United States or Internationally. Or, if they are a local scrap yard, make sure they are a real business location and not someone’s house.
  • Do they have reviews online? – Check Google and/or Facebook for feedback from customers for legitimacy. Also, note when those reviews were posted and if they are recent.
  • Are they clear on what to expect? – Make sure the website or Facebook page clearly states how they go through the pricing, receiving, and paying process.

  • Location: Rockaway Recycling, in Rockaway, NJ – We have been in business since 1977 and can be seen here online.
  • Reviews: You can read our 1,000+ Google reviews online here. Also, we are registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau), and you can see our profile here.
  • Steps for Shipping: Our team has our steps to process your cats and pay for every process. Once you get a quote from us, you get further details.

How Do They Pay?

Making sure to have a clear idea of the payment options is good. Do they pay you before or after they receive the material? Are they paying for shipping? Please make sure you check for payment options and protection. There are many people catalytic converter buying space that we have heard whispers of not sharing this information and taking longer than expected for payments, and in rare occasions not paying at all.

Here at RRCats, we have 2 payment options; PayPal or Check. We note that our customers are responsible for any payment fees, including PayPal fees. Also, we have a policy that we do not pay for catalytic converters until we receive them in person and ensure they are the right ones we quoted you. If we find a discrepancy, like the wrong cat or half full, we will reach out to you with the new price before issuing any payment.

How Do They Price Your Cat?

Some catalytic converter buyers will state they will price it based on your vehicle’s year/make/model, but this is not a complete pricing tactic. Many cars may have an aftermarket cat (low value), while others have OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cats worth more. Buyers that quote based on Serial Numbers will be more accurate in pricing and know what they are looking at.

We price our catalytic converters based on Serial Numbers and pictures. Some cats do not have numbers, so we have to look at the unit photos to determine the required pricing grade. We ask for photos of any/all catalytic converters you are looking to sell us so we can double-check any serial numbers that are relayed to us.


Do They Honor Prices?

After getting a price for your catalytic converter, do they “lock” in your price? Some buyers may honor that price for the week or the month. To protect yourself, it would be a good idea to ask them how long they honor prices, so you can lock it in.

Our policy is to honor all prices we quote for 7 business days.

What Do They Ask You For?

Some buyers may ask for your information, like your name/address, while others won’t ask you for anything. Keep an eye out to see if they are legitimate based on the standard contact information they request; this will help you understand their qualifications as a business. Most US States have standards for logging all scrap transactions, including buying catalytic converters.

Here at RRCats.com, we will ask you for a copy of your State-Issued ID or Driver’s License. This is the legal process when we buy scrap. We keep your information on our files and fully comply with local and other state laws when we are contacted about previous transactions.

In summary, knowing how you are expected to work with your catalytic converter buyer when getting a quote, getting paid, and any guarantees as a customer is essential. If you have any questions about selling your catalytic converter, feel free to contact our team; we would be happy to help.

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