Mitsubishi Catalytic Converters: Identifying Them & Serial Numbers

Posted: January 3, 2023

What Do Mitsubishi Catalytic Converters Look Like?

Don’t be fooled by Mitsubishi catalytic converters; they will look like an aftermarket converter. They sometimes have a silver shield on them and could fool you into thinking they are “garbage.” But the key is to look for the serial numbers and logo. Most Mitsubishi converters have the logo on them with their short serial numbers.

If yours has a “silver shield” on it, do not take it off! The serial numbers will often be on the shield and will help our team quote your converter for scrap value.

Mitsubishi Converter Average Price

$110 – $380

For scrap value, Mitsubishi catalytic converters are priced around $100-$380 each. These prices are generally conditional based on the year and model of your vehicle, but our team can give you an exact quote when we see pictures and the serial numbers from them. Like all catalytic converters, the price of Mitsubishi ones is also based on the recovery of the PGMs inside the units.

Have A Mitsubishi Converter?


Depending on the wear and tear on your car, your Mitsubishi catalytic converter can “go bad” and need to be replaced. When this happens, your mechanic often recommends replacing it with an aftermarket converter, which is a cheaper option than an OEM part (what’s that?). When replacing your Mitsubishi converter, you can request the old part back to recycle it and earn some money back from your repair costs.

How To Sell Your Catalytic Converter For Scrap

List of Common Serial Numbers for Mitsubishi Catalytic Converters

  • AHE
  • AV
  • YQ
  • 8Y
  • T2

Some everyday things that most Mitsubishi converters will have are 2- or 3-digit serial numbers and the triangular Mitsubishi logo on the shield or body. They will often be graded as medium foreign catalytic converters. Remember, when getting a quote for your scrap Mitsubishi catalytic converter, do not remove the shield, and send us pictures of any serial numbers you find.

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