Failed Emissions Test, Scrap Your Old Catalytic Converter

Posted: January 3, 2023

It happens to a lot of people. You roll up to your local DMV Inspection Site and get notified that your vehicle failed the emission test. This can become a headache.

Your first move may be to head to your local mechanic or dealership to see how you can repair your car.

You may have to replace your catalytic converter to pass your DMV inspection.

What Happens When Your Car Fails An Emissions Test?

failing emissions inspections with bad catalytic converter

The Emissions Repair Form will be handed you along with a Vehicle Inspection Report after your vehicle fails. These documents will help you determine how to repair the car and why the emissions problem occurred. You will be required to fix the issues with the vehicle before you can renew your registration and drive your vehicle legally.

Several reasons your car can fail the emissions test include battery problems, having a “check engine light” on, and exhaust system failure.

The exhaust system depends on your catalytic converters’ health to keep harmful gases out of the atmosphere. If this is your reason for failure, it can be a costly repair.

Replacing Catalytic Converters Can Be Costly

When you are looking to replace your catalytic converter, you may face a repair bill of $700 – $2,500, sometimes more.

This can become a temporary financial problem for you and your wallet.

To help offset your repair costs, you should consider selling your old catalytic converter.

I replaced my catalytic converter. Can I sell my old one?

If you replace your catalytic converter with your vehicle, you can sell it for scrap value to Insider the catalytic converter, there are precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

These precious metals can be recycled and used for future catalytic converters and other products. RRCats can provide a quote for your old catalytic converter and instructions on shipping them to our facility.

How Does It Work?

Once we receive your catalytic converter and confirm the type, we can pay you for the scrap value.

How much can I sell my old catalytic converter for?

The price of your old catalytic converter can be anywhere from $25 – $800, depending on the year, make, model, and if it’s an OEM (what’s that?).

The scrap price of your catalytic converter may not reimburse you entirely for your repair cost, but it can at least offset some of your expenses.

Can I ask my mechanic for my old catalytic converter?

Yes, you can ask your mechanic for your old catalytic converter when replacing it. It would be best if you mentioned that you would like all the old parts from the repair before it is done. So they are aware of it. Some mechanics may not offer it, so we recommend asking them about it.

It’s a challenge when your vehicle fails the emissions at the DMV, and repairing a catalytic converter can be expensive. The RRCats Team can help you determine what kind of money you can get compensated for your old catalytic converter off your vehicle. Contact our team today, and we can offer FREE Shipping on OEM units.

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