Chrysler Catalytic Converters: Best Prices & Identifying Them

Posted: January 16, 2021

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Chrysler Catalytic Converters – Prices & Identifying

Hey Scrappers! This week we are going to provide you some information on prices for scrap Chrysler cats, as well as some tips on how to know whether or not you have a Chrysler cat. Below are some helpful tips on identifying your Chrysler Catalytic Converters and how to get the best price for them. Our job is to help you learn more about catalytic converters of all types and also learning about our process on how to quote them and get paid for them.

Where Do You Find A Serial Number on Chrysler Catalytic Converter?

Identifying serial numbers on Chrysler CatIf you do have the serial number on the catalytic converter you could or will see the Chrysler Logo at the beginning of the plate followed by the numbers. Some Chrysler cats do not have the logo and will have to be identified with a photo grade and our team can do that without a problem as well.


Triangle Design in Chrysler Cat

Keep An Eye Out For Triangle Designed Honeycomb

Also, keep a lookout for the triangle design of the honeycomb found inside, this is specific to Chrysler catalytic converters. We always recommend first checking to see the full honeycomb is there before requesting a quote, but also notice the triangle pattern inside, as opposed to the normal checkered pattern.

Chrysler, like other manufacturers, has the normal honeycomb or a foil honeycomb. The foil which is made with metal is usually worth significantly less. The honeycomb made of ceramic worth more due to the increased amount of precious metals that are inside.

Check out this Video where Tom from RRCats talks about Chrysler Catalytic Converters

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