Nelson Catalytic Converters Have No Value

Posted: January 3, 2023

What Are Nelson Catalytic Converters?

We have been asked the question many times about Nelson catalytic converters and how much they are worth. Well….they are not worth anything; in cat terms, that is certainly true. These units are generally off of Ford vehicles and normally come off of cars, trucks, and diesel-based buses.

These Are The Precursor to DPFs

These units are the precursor to the new Diesel Particulate Filter (DPFs) systems that use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DPF) to help clean the engine exhausts. These Nelson catalytic converters can come in sets with the other catalytic converter having more value- but sometimes, there is only one Nelson unit.

These Nelson cats have little to no precious metals inside, and while they could have small traces inside, these units do not warrant being cut open and processed for the precious metals inside.

Where do Nelson Catalytic Converters Come From?

Nelson catalytic converters exclusively come off Ford Trucks such as F-350s, F-250s, larger diesel Econoline vehicles such as vans, or small box trucks. These units typically have serial codes starting with:

  • 5C34
  • 3C34
  • 5C24
  • F7TA

What Do The Serials Numbers Mean on Nelson Catalytic Converters

These are common Ford Serial codes, and normally these units will have two more sets of numbers afterward and could read 5E212 or 5F250. While these units have serial codes (part codes) stamped on them, we have learned that the values are minimal through extensive research and analysis. These Ford owners or scrappers with these units will be disappointed to learn about the lack of value on these units, but you should know that it is always worth asking about them.

Knowing what vehicles that the Nelson cats are located on will help you to be able to save time properly and not cut units off that have little to no value. By learning about Nelson cats and other catalytic converters through our YouTube Channel, you will know what to look for and what not to look for.

Why Do They Have ZERO Value?

This is a split question because there is always value to be found. The majority of Nelson units only have scrap value- and these can be thrown into your scrap bins. The precious metals inside OEM catalytic converters like Rhodium, Palladium, or Platinum all have strong values. Still, none of these metals are in 99% of Nelson-stamped catalytic converters.

The regular everyday Nelson cats only have ceramic honeycomb, and there was meant to help collect the black soot that was coming out of the diesel exhausts. But, unfortunately, Ford built these units within the regulations set for them at the time, and unfortunately, no precious metals were put inside.

***There are a few units off of larger/newer trucks with high values as they have now been incorporated into the DPF higher value lines.

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