Pricing & Identifying Subaru Catalytic Converters

Posted: January 3, 2023

Over time we have learned more about Subarus- and Subaru has also done a much better job improving its identifying systems for its catalytic converters. They have started to include serial codes or part numbers on their cats, but you have to know where to look. Sometimes these codes have been located under the shields or are hidden behind the shield altogether.

Removing the shields (do not throw them away, sometimes, they may be stamped on there) will give you a higher likelihood of finding the serial codes easier and faster.

Most Subarus Have Two Catalytic Converters

If not most, many Subarus have two catalytic converters on them. The first unit will be the main cat, and it will be followed by a pre-cat, both of these units have excellent scrap value, and by finding the serial codes, you could sometimes double the quoted price of your cats.

How To Identify Subaru Catalytic Converters

How to properly identify Subaru catalytic converters

Most have two units on the downpipe to identify your Subaru catalytic converters. The first down the pipe is the pre-cat, and the second, in the shape of a bean, is the main cat.

Serial Number Pattern on Subaru Catalytic Converters

Often they have the Subaru name stamped on them and a serial number (FCFH4 3712 SK) on the shield. Below are some examples; you can also click on the link to watch our video.


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