What Is Your Catalytic Converter Worth In Scrap?

Posted: January 3, 2023

If you have recently replaced your catalytic converter on your car, you may have noticed the expensive bill your mechanic charged you, even if it was aftermarket. That could lead you to the question of “What is my old catalytic converter worth in scrap?” Lucky for you, RRCats is here to help answer that question.

What is my catalytic converter worth in scrap value?

Guessing what the value of a catalytic converter is could be a tough task. So the RRCats Team is here to help make it easier and more transparent. Before finding the value of your catalytic converter, it’s a good idea to explain how prices for scrap cats are determined.


How are prices for catalytic converters determined?

Inside catalytic converters, there are precious metals like platinum, rhodium, and palladium. These metals help reduce pollutions coming from your vehicle’s engine. Those metals are what determine the price for your scrap catalytic converter.

The team at RRCats.com follows and determines the PGM (Platinum Group of Metals) prices related to those precious metals. Those prices are what help determine the pricing of a catalytic converter. But we want to put that into a little bit of a better analogy.

🎂 Here’s An Analogy To Explain It…

Imagine you are baking a cake. You have all of the ingredients measured out to bake the cake – easy, right? Imagine you were taking a bite of the cake after it was made, and you tried to figure out the ingredients; while you may guess that there were eggs, flour, etc., you wouldn’t know how much of each that there was in that particular bite.

We Determine The Percentage of Precious Metals Inside

The team at RRCats.com has a method to “know the ingredients and the amounts that go into the cake (aka the catalytic converter),” and that is how we can help determine the pricing for each one. No two cakes are the same; you may always be slightly off – and catalytic converters are the same way.

So, how do I find out the worth of my catalytic converter?

By sending pictures of your catalytic converter to the team at RRCats.com it helps us estimate the values. Our team has the expertise and historical knowledge to know the percentage of precious metals based on the make/model of your catalytic converter.

The Most Accurate Pricing Option? Serial Numbers.

But there is a better way to get a more accurate price, and that is through the serial numbers. See our guide for how to take pictures and find serial numbers through your How-To-Videos. Following our guidelines will allow our team to accurately and quickly quote your catalytic converter’s worth.


Why are catalytic converters so expensive to replace?

For the same reason that jewelry is expensive, so are catalytic converters. Because precious metals are valuable and are found inside catalytic converters, they too will be expensive to replace.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer aka, the original cat or replacement from the automakers) will always be more expensive. They will contain more levels of precious metals in them than aftermarket units will.

Aftermarket catalytic converters are made as inexpensive (a fancy word for cheap) as possible and container the lowest legal levels of the precious metals that go into the cats.

Check corners, under shields, and down pipes for numbers. Not all catalytic converters have numbers.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 20 files.
To get a quote sooner, attach photos of any serial numbers and an overhead pic of the catalytic converter(s).