Learning About Infiniti & Nissan Catalytic Converters

Posted: January 3, 2023

Spotlighting Nissan & Infiniti Catalytic Converters

Many of the Nissan/Infiniti exhaust systems are 2 – 4 cat systems to help reduce pollution and keep the engines running cleaner and more efficiently. In the past, we have seen Infiniti/Nissan do a poor job of having serial numbers listed on them. In the mid-2010’s, we started to see more serial numbers listed and stamped on these units, which started to help the prices become more accurate. Sometimes you may see a serial number stamped on the end of one of the pipes, and we have learned that that number rarely runs as a properly graded cat.

These units have high value in many cases, and asking the team at RRCats about where to find serial numbers will help increase your pricing many times.

Depending on what part of the exhaust system they are on will depend on what category and the cars’ different makes and models. 


How Do I Identify A Nissan or Infiniti Catalytic Converter?

Typically the cats from Nissans and Infinitis are ordinary about having the Nissan name on the converter that is how you know you have a Nissan/Infiniti OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Catalytic Converter. While this may not always be true-looking, identifying marks or numbers will always help determine what types of cats you have. 

If you’re not sure, you can always send us pictures.

The serial numbers are typically right below the Nissan name and are made up of a letter and numeric sequences. 

Examples of some of the Serial Numbers found on Nissan:

  • X3
  • X5
  • JA3L5

Some Nissan/Infiniti catalytic Converters have shields, and those usually look like a cheese grater (see picture below).


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