What Is A DPF Catalytic Converter?

Posted: January 15, 2021

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Ever Wonder What A DPF Cat is?

A “DPF” or Diesel Particle (particulate) Filter is part of the exhaust system on a diesel engine. The DPF is part of the exhaust system on a diesel engine. With today’s EPA guidelines for emissions, the New, Large Diesel trucks have both a DPF and a catalytic converter to reduce emissions. Where older vehicles, may only have a DPF.

Important & Common Characteristics of DPF’s:

DPF Catalytic Converter

  • The same shape but larger than most catalytic converters.
  • Have less precious metals inside them vs. standard catalytic converter, which generally leads to lower values.
  • Certain models will have very high-value units but the important part is using the serial code to help identify the value.

Common Brand Vehicles with DPF’s:

  • Dodge Cummins Engines
  • Chevrolet GMC Duramax
  • Ford Powerstroke Trucks
  • Mack Trucks
  • Large Caterpillar Vehicles

Get Price Quote on Your DPF Catalytic Converter

If you are looking for a quote on your DPF Catalytic Converter, it’s important to send us ALL the serial numbers found on them. That way our team correctly identify the DPF you have and get you the most accurate price for its scrap value.


Don’t Be Surprised By Low- or No-Value DPF

Many DPF’s can have no value, the number will help us determine the ones that do have value.

Watch Tom Explaining Where To Find Serial Numbers on a DPF Cat

3 Steps To Get A Quote from RRCats

  1. When sending any catalytic converters to the team for a price quote make sure that you take a picture of the whole catalytic converter from overhead (like this!) – so that we can see the shape and size of the converter.
  2. The second picture you want to send is a picture of the serial number.
  3. Lastly, you want to send a picture of both sides of the cat so we can see that it’s full and not missing any material.

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