How To Sell Your Catalytic Converter For Scrap

Posted: March 7, 2022

When you are considering selling your scrap catalytic converter, it’s important to know what options you have when selling to scrap yards, auto shops, or just throwing it in the trash. We highly suggest NOT throwing it away because you could be throwing out money! Contact the RRCats Team for a quote today so you can see how much your scrap catalytic converter may be worth. Because the industry is filled with many options when recycling scrap metal, we wanted to tell you a bit about selling your catalytic converter online.


What happens when you replace your catalytic converter?

Usually, when your catalytic converter gets replaced, the mechanic will take it and recycle it. Not many mechanics will tell you that there would be residual value of the unit because most regular people don’t know about the Scrap world. Anytime any work gets done to your car, and there are extra parts, you should ask what the mechanic is doing with the parts as you still own them. About 95% of the parts that are changed in cars are the very low value when it comes to scrap and is not worth your time asking for them back, but if there is a clogged catalytic converter, this is something that you’re always going to want to look out for and want back.

How do you sell your old catalytic converter?

In the past, the most traditional way of selling catalytic converters was by going directly to the scrap yard and cashing them in for whatever price that they gave you. Most people would just accept that price and move on with their day, but with online options, you can now find out what the value of your catalytic converter is.

Nowadays, with the Internet, you can find and learn about these units in entirely different ways. These ways now give you the ability to get prices online and learn about different grades so you can become more innovative in the catalytic converter space.

4 Simple Steps To Selling Your Scrap Catalytic Converter

Below are the simple steps on what to expect when selling your scrap catalytic converter to a scrap yard or core buyer like

  • Prepare It – Make sure to remove any excessive pipes for easier shipping
  • Get A Quote – Contact your buyer for an accurate price you can expect to be paid, based on serial numbers or pictures. You can also bring it to a local scrap yard for a quote.
  • Ship It Out (Optional) – Package it with enough material so it doesn’t shift during shipping to prevent it from coming out of the box.
  • Get Paid For It – Once your buyer receives and confirms the value get paid for it.

Who buys an old or scrap catalytic converter?

We do! RRCats has been buying scrap metal at our scrap yard, Rockaway Recycling, located in New Jersey since 1977. Now a nationally recognized catalytic converter buyer, we buy catalytic converters online with free shipping options and an easy-to-follow selling process. You can learn more about our process.


Well, many scrap yards will buy catalytic converters. They will often pay very low value. Most scrap yards are more concerned with their regular day-to-day business in the metal world and not in the cat world.

While there are many specialty catalytic converter buyers, many of them are not following proper business practices or taking information that they should. They are more of the in and out sales game, and that will affect your prices and their availability sometimes. Often when we see the market drop, many of these buyers will disappear as they have overextended on previous purchases.

Is it ok to sell a catalytic converter online?

Selling catalytic converters online may be a new concept, but it has been widely adopted across the country. We have seen more and more people selling catalytic converters online. It gives them more flexibility and having free shipping most of the time makes it very convenient as you can drop the cat off at any location close to you. Using old cardboard boxes from deliveries or old moving boxes also gives you the ability to get rid of trash and quickly package and ship your catalytic converter‘s out.

One thing we can’t stress enough, whether you are selling to RRCats or another buyer, is to look up the legitimacy of the company. Checking online reviews for the company and also making sure they are a legitimate business will only help protect you from being taken advantage of. Ask about their payment policy too, here at RRCats we pay you after we receive your material, but document the entire receiving process with pictures and videos to ensure we can share any discrepancies we may find.