No Value Cats Are Real…Let Us Explain

Posted: May 26, 2022

Many people have sent us quotes before and many have seen this response:

“Thanks for asking about a quote, unfortunately, there is no value for the one you have. Keep us in mind for quotes in the future.”

We are not mindreaders but we know that’s not the response that most people are expecting when they send pictures and serial numbers in for quoting of their cats.

Why you may ask are some cats valueless? A great question to ask and we would love to go over it with you.

No Precious Metals

Some catalytic converters are full of honeycomb, but they have no precious metals that are lining the ceramic of metal comb. The big metals that make up catalytic converters like Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium are not always contained in some of the cats (like the diesel units) and then the value is very low and sometimes is just steel.

There are some catalytic converter shells that we have quoted and we always make sure to quote based on full cats with all of the honeycomb intact – but sometimes the material breaks off or gets worn away during use. This will also lead to a no value catalytic converter and if it is just a shell or small remnants of material you will have much lower pricing if not steel value only.

Some “Cats” Are Not Cats

Some cats that we have seen or been asked to quote look like cats but could be something else. Some of the misunderstood “cats” that we have seen are actually:

  • Mufflers
  • Resonators
  • DEF Filters
  • Air Tubes

While some of these have the look of a catalytic converter, in reality they are just steel, magnetic stainless 410 series, or if you are lucky they could be non-magnetic stainless steel pipes.


How To Know If Your Catalytic Converter Has Value

When you are selling or want to sell catalytic converters you should always send pictures along with serial numbers (if you can find them). These pictures and serial numbers are run through our database and shown to our buyers that have bought catalytic converters for years and have the experience and knowledge to do so.

Pictures of Catalytic Converters with No Value