How To Identify & Sell A Mercedes Benz Catalytic Converter

Posted: May 26, 2022

This Week is Spotlighting: Mercedes Catalytic Converters

Mercedes Benz Catalytic Converters are classified as foreign catalytic converters and have very distinct numbering for their serial numbers. It is important to look and send all the codes on the converter when looking to get a price as more information from you leads to quicker prices from the team at

While Mercedes Benz’s are expensive- their catalytic converters could be both low and high value. These cars will normally have 1-2 catalytic converters on them and Mercedes does a really good job of having serial numbers stamped right on the units.

This allows for them to be easily recognized as OEM units and also has multiple serial numbers listed on them at a time. This part could be confusing- but we always ask for all of the numbers that are listed so our team can locate the correct one quicker and quote it out sooner. Mercedes cats rarely contain O2 sensors and they are almost always labeled to make things much easier.

What does a Mercedes Benz Catalytic Converter Look Like?

Depending on where they come from they could have a brighter color and generally always have the Mercedes logo on them. There are a lot of diesel cars that Mercedes produces and many times those cars will have 1-2 catalytic converters on them – and those catalytic converters could have mixed values.

Some of the diesel units are called DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) and have little to no value other than scrap steel pricing- the team at will be able to tell you which unit that you have and will be able to help you identify those DPFs that are very valuable in scrap.


Everyone thinks that Mercedes catalytic converters or other European catalytic converters always have high value but many of these catalytic converters could be foil cats and be less valuable than their ceramic ones.

Mercedes Benz Catalytic Converter Traits:

Below are some general tips for identifying the Mercedes Benz cats you may have.

  • They have 8 to 11 digit serial numbers.
  • 2-3 sets of numbers/codes will be listed.
    • Example:  KT0121 = different ranges. 
    • Often people send us messages with the letter “O” instead of the number “0” (zero). Not only on Mercedes Benz but all cats, the “0” you see will be zero as opposed to the letter “O”.
  • Some Mercedes Cats look like catalytic converters but are resonators/mufflers and have a serial # on them that we can run and help you learn. 

Watch this video where Tom talks you through Mercedez Catalytic Converters.

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