How to Identify Your Chevy Flow Catalytic Converter

Posted: January 3, 2023

How To Identify Chevy Catalytic Converters

Let’s talk about the Flow Chevy Catalytic Converter. These catalytic converters are typically found on Chevy’s Silverado trucks. You can see the “FLOW” stamped on the top of the cat; this is a telltale sign that this is an OEM catalytic converter. Though some aftermarket catalytic converters have this on them, always look for the numbers on the corners to help give you a better idea that they are OEM. The top thing to do is look for the serial number to find this look on the shell’s rim in one of the four corners.

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Finding Serial Numbers on Chevy Catalytic Converters

As some of the most common catalytic converters on the market, all GM brands/makes have similar serial number patterns. These patterns could have different starting serial numbers but generally have between 7-10 digits. These serial numbers are in one of two places on the cats about 90% of the time, making them uniform to look for.

The first place is on one of the corners of the catalytic converters and will always be in that 7-10 digit form. Sometimes, there could be another stamped code on an opposite corner, but that code can be ignored.

The second place is generally in the cat’s middle and is stamped into the metal shield.

What Serial Numbers on Chevy Cats Look Like

When looking for the serial numbers on the side of the Chevy Flow cats, check the cat’s corners. This number, like other GM/Chevy Catalytic Converters, would have a number sequence like:

  • 126—–
  • 127—–
  • 251—–
  • 253—–

That is how you know you have an OEM catalytic converter and get the most money when scrapping it.

If you supply us with that serial number and a picture of the Chevy Flow cat from overhead so we can see the entire cat, as well as from each side showing us that the honeycomb is inside and intact, the team at can get you a quote quickly and accurately based on today’s market prices.


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