Identifying Scrap Ford Catalytic Converters & Common Serial Numbers

Posted: May 26, 2022

With the most popular vehicles in the US (the F150 of course) in Ford’s fleet, we have seen many makes, sizes, and grades of catalytic converters from the Ford company. Ford is one of the best car manufacturers for putting serial codes onto the catalytic converters- but also one of the most confusing ones.

They like having 9-14 digit serial codes that are normally broken down into three different parts. These different parts could confuse you when it comes to finding the correct code, so we ask you to send all of the parts that are on the cat to help expedite quoting.

Ford is also very well known for having most of their cars with at least 2-4 cats (sometimes 6!) on them. Many of the sets will include two pre- cats and two main cats. Both of these will have serial codes on them and it is also a smart idea to send all of the codes and not parts of each. This will allow for a quicker quoting process and more accurate prices.

You can see their logo or FoMoCo (Ford Motor Company):

The Ford Cats have shields that have the dots and slots which gives you a good idea that you have a Ford Catalytic Converter.

Ford has multiple codes on its catalytic converters.

Example: “5E212” looks like a code but is generally a very generic number for them. After the 5E212 there will be other sets of numbers on the catalytic converter enabling you to identify the cat you have.

The Ford Catalytic Converters serial number setup is:

4 Digit – 5 Digit – 2 Digit

Examples: 5E212 F4TA AD

XF1C – 5F250 – HB


Common Scrap Ford Catalytic Converters:

  • Serial #: XL345E214JD – Ford F150
  • Serial #: 2L2A5E242VA – Ford Explorer
  • Serial #: F4A23AA – Ford Grande Marquis
  • Serial #: YL3C5G218AA – Ford Expedition
  • Serial #: F7CC – Ford Escort
  • Serial #: 1F1C5E212BA – Ford Taurus

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