Quoting Popular Toyota Scrap Catalytic Converters

Posted: January 6, 2022

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This week we are going to look at Toyota Catalytic Converters. One of the most popular questions we get is:

How do I know this is an OEM Catalytic Converter from my Toyota?

Toyota does a nice job of stamping its logo on to their catalytic converters. They have two logos, one is the traditional Toyota logo we see in the states the other is the Japanese logo.

Check out the video below on how to find the serial numbers on Toyota catalytic converters & some tricks on how to bring that serial number out.

Helpful Way To Find Serial Numbers on Toyota Catalytic Converters

Today’s Current Cat Prices

For Popular Toyota Catalytic Converters

Toyota Serial Number prices as of May 15th, 2020
EA5 $531
EA6 $262
GD3 $387
HA1 $200
28180 $205
U25 $212

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