Quoting Popular Toyota Scrap Catalytic Converters

Posted: January 3, 2023

How do I know this is an OEM Catalytic Converter from my Toyota?

Toyota does a nice job of stamping its logo onto its catalytic converters. They have two logos, one is the traditional Toyota logo we see in the states the other is the Japanese logo. With Toyota making and selling more cars in 2021 than any other car manufacturer, we may see more catalytic converters from these vehicles in the future. Toyota is another company that does a great job in labeling their catalytic converters with serial codes- and no one may do a better and easier job than Toyota.

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What do Toyota Catalytic Converters look like?

Many of their serial codes are no more than three total digits; most have either 2 letters and one number or two numbers and one letter. Having these serial codes either on one of the main corners of the catalytic converter or stamped on the middle of the shield will make it very hard to miss. Toyota is not a fan of pre-cats as much as other manufacturers, but their cats do pack much more punch when it comes to pricing. The Toyota cats have been found to have more PGMs inside, making them more valuable on a piece-by-piece basis on average.



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