Scrap Jaguar Catalytic Converters & Serial Numbers

Posted: May 26, 2022

Our Team at wants to service your scrap catalytic converter needs and this week we are going to give you information on how to identify and get the best price for your Jaguar Catalytic Converters.

Jaguar does a really nice job of showing both their logo as well as their serial codes on them. These units will have a similar pattern to Ford as they are built by Ford as well. The Jaguars (while you may think are super expensive cats) do not have the best catalytic converters when you compare them to other luxury automakers. One of the largest misconceptions with Jaguars is that because they are a luxury auto brand their cats are super expensive.

That is not always true as many automakers are now making higher-end catalytic converters regardless of the costs of the new vehicles. Many auto manufacturers are focused on getting higher MPGs for their fleets and their cats are reflecting that change.

Jaguar Catalytic Converters

What you need to know…

Jaguar is a luxury vehicle brand, It was acquired by Ford (FoMoCo) in 1990. Ford (FoMoCo) bought Land Rover in 2000 and merged the 2 to form Jaguar / Land Rover. 

Jaguar Scrap Catalytic converters

Similar to how its parent company Ford (FoMoCo) stamps their catalytic converters. Jaguar catalytic converters are stamped with the Jaguar name and the serial number, which makes them easy to identify.

The serial number is alphanumeric which means it has both numbers and letters, an example of this “CAC8054”.


When sending your Jaguar (or any) catalytic converters to the team for a price quote make sure that you take a picture of the whole catalytic converter from overhead (like this!) – so that we can see the shape and size of the converter.

The second picture you want to send is a picture of the serial number.

Lastly, you want to send a picture of both sides of the cat so we can see that it’s full and not missing any material.


Common Serial Numbers & Prices as of June 9th, 2020
CAC8054 $38
CBC2075 $115
3W835E214BD $191
1X43 $292
6701GD $451


Watch the video below to see how you can identify your Jaguar Catalytic Converters