Identifying & Scrapping Honda Catalytic Converters

Posted: January 3, 2023

Can you sell a Honda Catalytic Converter for Scrap?

Usually, a better than normal value cat, Honda catalytic converters have easy ways to identify them as OEM (what’s that?). As one of the most popular car manufacturers, you would think that Honda would do a better job at numbering or categorizing their catalytic converters…but they do not. As one of the most valuable brands of catalytic converters, Honda has a very poor and inadequate system for their catalytic converters.

While a select few have numbers stamped on them, most units are unmarked with serial numbers, and many do not even have the logo. This makes it harder for scrappers to learn about and more confusing at the same time.

Have a Honda Converter?


What characteristics do Honda converters have?

We look for the length of the units, if they are manifold or pre-cats, and if there are O2 Sensors on these units. Honda is known for including O2 sensors in most of their units to help the engine and the car’s computer know that it is doing its job of filtering the emissions cleanly.

There are wide varieties of smaller manifold catalytic converters, and some fall into the small foreign category.

But the ones everyone wants to talk about are the large foreign Honda Converters – there are the straight and slant that describes how the O2 sensor sits on the converter.

What Honda Catalytic Converters Look Like

Below are pictures of each of the common varieties. This helps determine the value and the number of biscuits in each converter, it is so important that when trying to get an accurate quote, you send a picture of the whole converter from top to bottom. This will help determine the number of biscuits inside the catalytic converter and the side of the cat that the O2 sensor was on.

There are not many serial numbers on Honda cats, so we are relying on you (our customers) to send great pictures (like below) for us to be able to see how the O2 Sensors are placed as well as what flanges and wings are attached to them.


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