Prices for Scrap Hyundai & Kia Catalytic Converters

Posted: May 21, 2020

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Catalytic Converter Market News

The market, over the past two weeks, has made a nice comeback and has started to increase. This is good news for everyone who has been holding their catalytic converters waiting for prices to go up. And now they are! These changes in the market will give consistent pricing for you to purchase and sell your catalytic converters.

Below, are the three precious metals trends over the last week:

  • Platinum (Pt): + 10%

  • Palladium (Pd): + 11%

  • Rhodium (Rh): + 33%.

This increase in prices and swings will directly affect all catalytic converter prices.


4 Most Common Catalytic Converters Scrap Prices as of 5/18 – 5/22:

  • Torpedo Cat: Previously: $298 – Now $329

  • Large Breadloaf: Previously: $127 – Now $141

  • Small GM: Previously: $83 – Now $92

  • Hyundai-BSH62: Previously: $122 – Now $135

Review of the Week:


Tip of the Week: Hyundai/KIA Catalytic Converts

This week we are focusing on Hyundai & KIA Catalytic Converters, Hyundai is the parent company of KIA. Hyundai & KIA Cats are easily identified as they have their logo stamped on the cat & the shield, as well as the serial numbers are in big letters. This makes it easy to identify them and to tell that it is an OEM Catalytic Converter.

Current Prices For Hyundai Catalytic Converters

Below are the current prices for Hyundai Cats that we have been purchasing this week.

  • B2C – $275 – UP
  • B2E – $223 – UP
  • SSH31 – $136 – UP
  • TSH41 – $430 – UP
  • U2FE15 – $88 – UP
  • 3C180 – $145


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