Prices for Scrap Hyundai & Kia Catalytic Converters

Posted: May 26, 2022

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This increase in prices and swings will directly affect all catalytic converter prices.


Tip of the Week: Hyundai/KIA Catalytic Converters

Like Toyotas serial coding system- Hyundai and Kia do a very good job at keeping it simple. Their serial codes could be 3-5 characters long and that makes it much easier for finding and getting quotes on. One thing to look out for is that many of the serial codes are on the outside shield of the catalytic converter, and that shield is easily removable.

Do not be surprised if you see both manufacturers’ names or logos on these cats as they are often made for different vehicles to be interchangeable for installs. This could be for ease of installation or even just for general swap-outs.

This week we are focusing on Hyundai & KIA Catalytic Converters, Hyundai is the parent company of KIA. Hyundai & KIA Cats are easily identified as they have their logo stamped on the cat & the shield, as well as the serial numbers are in big letters. This makes it easy to identify them and to tell that it is an OEM Catalytic Converter.

Current Prices For Hyundai Catalytic Converters