Scrapping Volvo Catalytic Converters & Prices

Posted: January 3, 2023

Have a Volvo Cat?


Identifying Volvo Catalytic Converters

Volvo’s are the cars you always see- but you do not get the cats out nearly as often. Many of the newer Volvos have catalytic converters that have become harder to take out because they are closer to the manifolds. But if you can take them out or if they are easy to access, you will be able to look for the serial codes.

Don’t Be Mistaken By Their Serial Numbers

Volvo has longer serial codes and is sometimes 6-10 characters long. A common misconception is that code 2351 is a serial code, but it tends to be an identifier for the cats more than a value maker. The serial codes on Volvos will have one line of code, but sometimes, you could have codes hidden in odd spots. By using steel wool, you will be able to have an easier time finding these codes.

If you still have a problem with some Volvo cats (do not be surprised, many people do)- then you may want to take a photo, so our team can quote based on prior quotes and references.

How To Identify Volvo Cats

What To Know About Volvo Catalytic Converters

Volvo Catalytic Converters have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as how they can be classified when looking to see how much money they are worth. This makes it so important to try and find the serial numbers to get an accurate quote.

There Are “Two” Cats In One…

Many of the catalytic converters off of Volvo’s have “two” cats, even though they look like one unit (see picture above). The smaller part is the pre-cat, and the larger is the main cat, but they are priced as one unit based on recovery tables and values. If you have questions about the recovery on the Volvo, please ask.

Volvo DPF Systems Do Exist

While Volvo makes a lot of cars, they also make larger trucks which could yield some DPF systems to get quoted for scrap. Diesel engines are being made cleaner and cleaner so that they can have fewer emissions and could have a higher scrap value. These DPF systems could come in 1, 2, or 3-piece units and generally will have numbers you should send to our team so you can get a quick quote from them.

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Watch the Video below: Tom shows you exactly how to find the serial number and what tools you can use.

Different Price Categories for Volvo Cats

Volvo Catalytic Converters can be placed in different categories when looking for a price.


Converter Categories
Small Foreign
Medium Foreign
Large Foreign
Foreign Pre


The above catalytic converters can be found on Volvo’s XC, S & V models.

When sending your Volvo (or any) catalytic converters to the team for a price quote, make sure that you take a picture of the whole catalytic converter from overhead (like this!) – so that we can see the shape and size of the converter.

  • The second picture you want to send is a picture of the serial number.
  • Lastly, you want to send a picture of both sides of the cat so we can see that it’s full and not missing any material.

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