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Best Ways To Make Money On Your Cats

How To Take Pictures For A Quote

Looking for prices on your catalytic converters? We have an easy way to follow to make sure you get your quote easily and quickly. Be sure to have a clear background when taking photos and take pictures of any serial numbers on the cats.

Requesting Quotes for Multiple Cats

When you have a lot of catalytic converters you are looking to sell, it's easier to label them with numbers so we can give you the quote for each one and when you ship them in, it will be easier for us to process with no hassles or confusions.

Is My Catalytic Converter Full?

When you wonder whether your catalytic converter is full, you can send our team some pictures, and we will take a look for you and let you know how much we will pay.

How To Cut Pipes Off Your Cats

When getting your catalytic converters ready to ship for scrap, be sure to cut off any extra pipes on the end. This video shows where you should cut the pipes off so we can see inside the cat.

How To Pack Your Cats For Shipping

After you have received a quote from our RRCats Team, it's very easy to get your cats ready to ship. Tom talks through the easiest way to ship your catalytic converters.

What We Do When We Receive Your Cat

Once we receive your catalytic converter(s) at RRCats HQ, we have a very calculated process so you can ensure that we are not confusing your quote prices and the material we receive from you.

How To Create a Free Shipping Label

Depending on the value of your catalytic converter(s) RRCats may provide you with a free shipping label to ship your catalytic converters. This demo video is how you can use and download a FREE shipping label when you're ready to ship.

Easy Way To Read Serial Number

Tom shows you a tip on how to use oil or a piece of steel wool to clear the area on a scrap catalytic converter for the serial number. The serial number is an important part to identifying the type of catalytic converter you have and quoting the correct price for you.

Identifying OEM Catalytic Converters

Tom shows you some of the tell-tale signs of how to identify an OEM catalytic converter and some of the signs we look for when quoting your catalytic converter. These cats are the original catalytic converters from the vehicles that are generally worth more money then aftermarket ones.

We Worked with the Verge Science Team

We were thrilled to be able to work on this video about the value of Palladium and how it relates back to the catalytic converter recycling industry. Working with the Verge Science team we were able to share more about our process and how it relates to this valuable metal.

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Make Money on Your Catalytic Converter

Rockaway Recycling has always been transparent about helping our customers get the most money and helpful information about their scrap metal. Our Catalytic Control Division is no different. We want to be able to share important information about how to sell your scrap catalytic converters and what is needed so you can get a fair price and make it an easy process for you. Below are some helpful videos on how to prepare your catalytic converters for shipping, how to help you identify them, where to find serial numbers, and how we quote and buy them. Take a look below and if we are missing something or you have questions, let us know.